Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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I decided that I've been doing this blog off and on for entirely too long. I just got my camera fixed and a renewed sense of vigor for creating video and other media, so I decided to start a new blog more in tune with my current sensibilities and life.

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Andrew Hart

Friday, June 12, 2009


Remember Dj Quik? He was one of the originators of the G-Funk era sound and godfathers of Gangsta Rap along side Dr.Dre in the early 90s.

Remember Kurupt? He was always guesting on Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and 2Pac song in the early 90s. He's the guy in Snoop Dogg's "Ain't no fun" that said

"if Kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch/ I'd always be broke/ I'd never have mutha fuckin indo to smoke

Well, after years of no one caring about them they collaborated together and made a new record. It's actually good. It was a lot of laid back jams and club anthems, which is what you'd expect from the two together. I recomend it. Damn good to put on and nod your head to.

I hope this is the top down jam of '09

The Black Ghosts are good, don't get me wrong. Until now I really haven't had the desire to listen to them or cared. I got turned on to this last week via the twitter. Can't recall who posted it.

I love the pseudo-southern slow jam drums and the melody is pretty ill. I currently with out a car, I do live in Korea, but if I did this would be my top down jam of this summer. This is a nice cruising around song. I long for a car with some factory speakers to pump this on. If not, this is definitely a song to put on getting ready to go out. Helps put your swagger in focus.

The video is good, I like the mix of Legos and live performance video but the audio is off, which is a bummer.

Blood:The Last Vampire

I just got back from seeing the new American remake of the anime film, Blood:The Last Vampire. The movie stars Jun Ji Hyun (전지현) or Gianna Jun as she is known in America as the vampire, Saya, who's only goal is to rid the world of the demons plaguing Japan.

I always think it's odd and vaguely racist to cast people of the wrong nationality in roles. Ji Hyun in this film is playing the role of a Japanese person, when in real life she is Korean. What, they couldn't find a Japanese actress? I guess any Asian will do, they all look alike, right? *extreme sarcasm*

I also think it's strange that Korean people are willing to over look this because she is starring in an American movie.

A little background, Koreans have an innate hatred of the Japanese because of the atrocities that occurred during WWII. They are culturally conditioned with this hatred. If a friend says they are going to Japan on vacation, that friend is ridiculed. My students (ages 10-13) feel the need to yell "I hate Japan" any time anything quasi-Japanese is said or even eluded to. This week in a speech one of my students gave about the Japanese economy began with a disclaimer apologizing for speaking positively about Japan. Yet no cares Jun Ji Hyun is playing a Japanese. This is how the students say, "strangey."

As I digress, I became a fan of Jun Ji Hyun when she starred as the sassy knock-out(literally) main character in the melodrama "My Sassy Girl" or
엽기적인 그녀. She shows such a great range of acting in the film. She is mostly for lack of a better term, a bitch. Later in the film we see a tenderness and insecurity that is truly remarkable. It was the role that made her a break out star in the Korean Hallyu. It is an actually good Rom-Com also. Check the clip

Now this brings me to Blood. She is.....well....boring as fuck seems to be the only way I can say it. Her acting is reminiscent of a stick being told to swing around a katana and act heart broken. Every time there is a fight scene all we get are extreme close ups of her moving really fast, slow motion shots were she does something right, or camera is hand held and frantically trying not to capture the action. All this smoke and mirrors is obvious. My girlfriend, who is a fan of Ji Hyun and has no film background, asked "why aren't they showing her doing anything? It's all shots of blood flying around?" I had no answer other than, "I guess she sucks at action."

It's not that Ji Hyun is awful. She's just not good. Her English is really good. She sounds like a really forced copy of one of my advanced students. That was a compliment. The actress who played Onigen, the main demon, on the other hand....really needed a language tutor. I think Ji Hyun should either try my Korean action film before trying to hit America or if she really wants to act in America, stick to rom-com or drama.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun popcorn flick, this is a good Saturday matinee or late Sunday night. I liked it. I felt I got my 6,000won worth. If you are looking for something intellectual and with depth, you are a moron if you see this. If you don't really care about plot and just want to see some what cool stylization of anime, a cute girl with a sword, and gallons of CG flying blood, this is the movie for you. I said I liked it.

If it were a breakfast cereal, it'd be Sugar Smack.

btw...the demons look like something a fifth graded made with After Effects. But I can't say anything because I can't even make something that looks any where near what a fifth grader would make.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Bang and 2ne1

So Big Bang is the biggest thing since sliced bread here in Korea. In fact, they were created on the same day in case you didn't know. Big Bang is what happens when you mix 'Nsync with G-Unit. They are renown for their Hip Hop and Techno sensibilities and flawless good looks. They comprised of:
G-Dragon (권지용) the leader and "cutest" member. He is known mostly for his singing, rapping, and dancing. Also, little known fact, he is the Timbaland of Korea

Tae Yang (
동영배) is the co-leader. He is known for his amazing dancing, really he's good. He is also a really good singer with an Usher like quality.

T.O.P. (
최승현) is the power rapper of the group. He is the James Dean of the group. Girls want to be with him and Dudes want to be him, myself included. He isn't much of a dancer but his vocals are awesome. His deep Korean rap and lyrics ressonate together and get the party hype.

Dae Sung (
강대성) the only member to not take a stage name is the guy next door in the group. He is like 90% of Korean men and has got pipes on him like a plumber. This guy can sing. He is also on the variety show Family Outling with Lee Hyori (이효리)Korea's #1 sex symbol and Yu Jae Seok(유재석)Korea's #1 comedian.

Victory aka SeungRi (
이승현) is the youngest of the group. He also didn't make it into Big Bang. He was the last to join in the TV series that created the group, much like "Making the Band". He is an ok singer both I think he tries too much to be Justin Timberlake.

Next is 2ne1, pronounced "to anyone" or "twenty-one". Koreans are creative with typography and names. They are a new girl group on the Korean scene designed to be the girl version of Big Bang. Their debut was with Big Bang on the promotion campaign for CYON's Lollipop phone. Yes, the whole song was made to sell cell phones. Their next song is "Fire". It's a nice Electro, Hip Hop, Reggaeton jam that is all the rage from 10 year old students to 20 something club goers.

Check the videos. First is my introduction to Big Bang and in my opinion their best song 'Haru Haru" or "Day by Day" in English. It's a classic Korean melodramtic song and video. Then we have "Lollipop", the song featuring 2ne1 that was made to sell cell phones (and oh boy did it ever), and lastly we have "Fire" by 2ne1.

You cannot live in Korea without knowing these groups. It is more crucial than knowing what Kim Chi is.

Have a good day kids!

An actual restart

Hello! This is Andrew Hart. Back from the dead and actually blogging and vlogging again. I'm currently living in Suwon, South Korea. I'm about 45 minutes by bus from Seoul. Not far at all. I'll be posting videos I've made, Interesting thing from the internetz, stories of life in Korea, and various other things.

Now the question. Why have I been away so long? Well, I was "busy" doing other things. Also, I've been growing accustomed to living in Korea and honestly, "couldn't be bothered" doing internet related activity other than talking to family and friends and looking for porn. Just being honest.

I'm entering year two of living in Korea. I'm teaching English for a prominant Academy in Korea and I'm DJing in various clubs in Seoul. I decided to start chronicling my life via vlogs, posts about my day to day life, and things I like.

I hope people read/watch this stuff and enjoy this blog.

Actually coming soon (no false promises):
vids about Korea and the lifestyle
links to cool things
mp3s of what music I'm spinning and digging
twitter stuff
torrent links to awesomeness
blah blah blah

Have a good day kids!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Beginning

I'm finally posting. I got a computer so now I can make new videos. Just watch for further explanation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I had finals week and didn't have access to a camera. Since I'm not in class any more I might not be able to post very often. I'm trying to post at least every other week.

A couple weeks back my friend Erin, myself, and couple other friends got some revenge. Erin's room got everything labeled with post it notes one night by her roommate. Everything was labeled from articles of clothing to pictures, furniture, even coins on the ground. In retaliations Erin bought 280 balloons to fill up her roommate's room. It was some of the most fun I've ever had.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Honest Opinions

For my final post in my videoblogging course I had to get out of my comfort zone. One of the things I was most afraid of is showing my friends. I have always been open and honest in my videoblogging and I felt like I needed to kick it up a notch. I figured that the best way to be completely open, conquer my fear, and get out of my comfort zone was to have some of my closest friends give their honest opnions of me. It's a weird self portrait that I'm technically not even in.

In creating this piece, I gave the camera to my friends that I'm closest to and see the most often. They had to sit in front of the camera and in a minute or less (nearly everyone went over in time) give their honest opinion of me, be it positive or negative. I asked them to simply say whatever they wanted about me. If it was either good or bad I would not mention what they said or be offended. So that I was unable to put any spin on this post I was not present when any of this was taped and didn't watch any footage until I started editing. Also as an added constraint I allowed myself only two hours to edit the footage, so that it would be even harder to put a spin on anything.

In editing all I did was watch each clip and take minor notes. I then just started piecing everything together. Nothing that was said is taken out of context and is in the sequential order of when it was said during the taping. I took the best lines and segments and put then together. I thinks its odd that prettyt much everyone chose to use the compliment sandwich.

I really enjoyed making this piece. It was nice to hear that my friends liked me but I got even more from this. It was a chance for my friends to tell me what I needed to hear but couldn't say to my face. After making this piece I feel a lot closer to my friends and greatly appreciate them.

thank you to all who were invovled in making this post possible.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I need some help with my final post for my class.

I've been toying around with this idea for some time now and I going to start executing it. This won't be my final post on All In The Gutter, just last one I'll be graded on.

This is where you come in.

I'm making a video of my friend's, family's, and peer's honest opinions of me. Hell, if you don't really know me, what are your impressions of me. It is a self portrait that I won't actually be shown in, just talked about. You can say whatever you want about me, if it's negative I PROMISE I will not be offended. I want honest opinions, be them positive or negative. Or just make something up, though I will prefer honest.

I will not be present when you say your piece and will not watch anything until I goto edit and I'm only giving myself 2 hours to edit so I can't spin what you say.

you can either meet up with me some time and shoot (I repeat I will not be present, I'll set up the camera and sound, then leave the room.) Or you can record yourself and email the clip to me. You can record yourself on a digital still camera with a video function, digtal video tape, what ever. Try to send me the clip in avi, mov, or mp4 format, these are my recommended formats but I can work around if it's in another format. Or you can send me an mp3 of you talking. I really don't care, I just need footage.

Say whatever you want about me in a minute or less or answer one or two of these questions in a minute or less. (If you go over a minute I don't care)

1. What do you like about me?
2. What do you hate about me?
3. What do you think I need to do more of?
4. What do I do that annoys you?
5. What do you think I'm good at?
6. What do you think I suck at and need to just stop?
7. What is your favorite memory of me?
8. What was the time I pissed you off the most?
etc etc etc

Please contact me as soon as possible, I need clips by 9pm Monday Dec 4th so that I can edit them together. I will not watch anything I'm sent till monday when I edit.

If you choose to record yourself please email me the clips at andrewhart24@gmail.com

I would really like it if I could get some help with this and will really appreicate it.

thank you
andrew hart

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Old Capital

Today in my vlogging course we had to do speed vlogging. We were given the class period to shoot, edit, and post. Well in the general fashion that always occurs with me, I ran into technical snags. The camera I was using only had 2 minutes of battery power. Luckily I brought my digital elph with me. Also for some reason quicktime was running slower than molasses on a winter day.

For the post I decided to take a tour of the Old Capital. It is literally what it sounds like, the old capital of Iowa before it moved to Des Moines. It was very interesting, but pretty much everything that you could learn on a tour I learned from a children's puzzle.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Life With Leif #1

This week I starting a new series that I'll do from time to time called, Life With Leif. Leif is the type of guy you only meet in college. He's a weird kid but awesome. I think he is a really interesting character. I originally intended on just recreating a conversation that we had once, but he was cracking me up during filming. I decided to start filming him and this is what I got.

After editing this post I realized that it is very simillar to Chris Weagel's "American King" series. When I was shooting I didn't know what I was getting. I didn't intentionally try to bite Chris's style. It's just coincidence. When I do another Life With Leif, I'll try my damnedest to have it more in my style.

Skateboarding Promo

This is what happens when the tape with 90% of your footage ends up missing.

Carp Caviar Promo

This is a promo I did for the Carp Caviar Promo Month. It's based off the promo I did for my own vlog but I added a little more to it. I also think the beat in this one is a hell of a lot better.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I decided that I needed to make a promo today. So I got bored and made one.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Best Weekend Ever

I had one of the best weekends ever. Everything that could go right went right. There were so many things that went right this weekend and this is a selection of those things.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm a collector of tattoos and this is a piece about a great art form.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nobody takes pictures of the drummer

I recently realized that nobody takes pictures of the drummer. Drummers do most of the work in a band. With out them the music would not flow right and everyone would be off beat.I personally play drums in a hardcore punk band called The Creepy Kids. It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work. So for this post I decided to show the world a glimpse of how much work it is to play the drums.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prison Wine

Prison Wine, Prison Style. Learn to make a beverage that will aid you in jail.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Merlot Velvet

My favorite place.