Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Bang and 2ne1

So Big Bang is the biggest thing since sliced bread here in Korea. In fact, they were created on the same day in case you didn't know. Big Bang is what happens when you mix 'Nsync with G-Unit. They are renown for their Hip Hop and Techno sensibilities and flawless good looks. They comprised of:
G-Dragon (권지용) the leader and "cutest" member. He is known mostly for his singing, rapping, and dancing. Also, little known fact, he is the Timbaland of Korea

Tae Yang (
동영배) is the co-leader. He is known for his amazing dancing, really he's good. He is also a really good singer with an Usher like quality.

T.O.P. (
최승현) is the power rapper of the group. He is the James Dean of the group. Girls want to be with him and Dudes want to be him, myself included. He isn't much of a dancer but his vocals are awesome. His deep Korean rap and lyrics ressonate together and get the party hype.

Dae Sung (
강대성) the only member to not take a stage name is the guy next door in the group. He is like 90% of Korean men and has got pipes on him like a plumber. This guy can sing. He is also on the variety show Family Outling with Lee Hyori (이효리)Korea's #1 sex symbol and Yu Jae Seok(유재석)Korea's #1 comedian.

Victory aka SeungRi (
이승현) is the youngest of the group. He also didn't make it into Big Bang. He was the last to join in the TV series that created the group, much like "Making the Band". He is an ok singer both I think he tries too much to be Justin Timberlake.

Next is 2ne1, pronounced "to anyone" or "twenty-one". Koreans are creative with typography and names. They are a new girl group on the Korean scene designed to be the girl version of Big Bang. Their debut was with Big Bang on the promotion campaign for CYON's Lollipop phone. Yes, the whole song was made to sell cell phones. Their next song is "Fire". It's a nice Electro, Hip Hop, Reggaeton jam that is all the rage from 10 year old students to 20 something club goers.

Check the videos. First is my introduction to Big Bang and in my opinion their best song 'Haru Haru" or "Day by Day" in English. It's a classic Korean melodramtic song and video. Then we have "Lollipop", the song featuring 2ne1 that was made to sell cell phones (and oh boy did it ever), and lastly we have "Fire" by 2ne1.

You cannot live in Korea without knowing these groups. It is more crucial than knowing what Kim Chi is.

Have a good day kids!


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