Thursday, June 11, 2009

An actual restart

Hello! This is Andrew Hart. Back from the dead and actually blogging and vlogging again. I'm currently living in Suwon, South Korea. I'm about 45 minutes by bus from Seoul. Not far at all. I'll be posting videos I've made, Interesting thing from the internetz, stories of life in Korea, and various other things.

Now the question. Why have I been away so long? Well, I was "busy" doing other things. Also, I've been growing accustomed to living in Korea and honestly, "couldn't be bothered" doing internet related activity other than talking to family and friends and looking for porn. Just being honest.

I'm entering year two of living in Korea. I'm teaching English for a prominant Academy in Korea and I'm DJing in various clubs in Seoul. I decided to start chronicling my life via vlogs, posts about my day to day life, and things I like.

I hope people read/watch this stuff and enjoy this blog.

Actually coming soon (no false promises):
vids about Korea and the lifestyle
links to cool things
mp3s of what music I'm spinning and digging
twitter stuff
torrent links to awesomeness
blah blah blah

Have a good day kids!


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